Two programs in one: Blackjack Simulator and Blackjack Trainer

Welcome to Blackjack Simulator and Trainer web page. This program has two main functions: SIMULATOR and TRAINER. In the case of the simulator, the user does not play but the user chooses how the program should play and program will act as a player, running as many simulations as you want. With the results and statistics of the simulations, you can get an idea of what could happen if you went to a real casino and played like the one you have simulated.

In addition this program is a blackjack trainer, so you can play against the dealer, and the program will train you. When a decision is not correct the program will correct you. At the end of the game you’ll get statistics showing your accuracy as a player.

Blackjack Simulator and Trainer trial version 5.6

The trial version is that has only flat betting enabled. However all other features (including multiplaying) are the same. Therefore, the trial version has no time limitations, and is as fast as the full version in processing simulations.

Click here to download the trial version


Buy the full version 5.6 of Blackjack Simulator and Trainer

If you want to test betting systems and counting cards, you will need the full versión. Please check that the trial version runs fine on your computer before purchasing the full version. System requirements and performance for both versions are the same.

You can buy the full version for only $19.95 with PayPal clicking here:

After payment is confirmed you will receive the serial code by e-mail within 24 hours. This e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address associated to your Paypal account. Please check the spam folder if you do not receive it.

Visit the author’s Blackjack web (spanish)

The author of this software also has written a web page about the game of Blackjack in spanish. This web is the most complete one about Blackjack in that language.

You can access it clicking here